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Commentary Type: Historical Study

Commentaries include memoirs and diary entries by participants, as well as published documents by scholars, historians, journalists, and others who were not direct participants. See Document Types for how they are categorized.
Code Author Date Titlesort icon Pages
HIS-Howard-1988 Howard, Michael 1988-01-01 A European Perspective on the Reagan Years 478-493
HIS-Sofaer-2007 Sofaer, Abraham 2007-01-01 A Legacy of Reykjavik: Negotiating with Enemies 125-145
HIS-Jarausch-2006-te Jarausch, Konrad Hugo 2006-01-01 After Hitler: Recivilizing Germans 222-229
HIS-Sharp-1987 Sharp, Jane M.O. 1987-03-01 After Reykjavik: Arms Control and the Allies 239-257
HIS-Pond-1990 Pond, Elizabeth 1990-01-01 After the Wall: American Policy Toward Germany 41-54
HIS-Freedman-1995 Freedman, Lawrence 1995-04-01 Alliance and the British Way in Warfare 145-148
HIS-Bluth-1993 Bluth, Christophe 1993-03-01 American-Russian Strategic Relations: From Confrontation to Cooperation? 47-50
HIS-Costigliola-1994 Costigliola, Frank 1994-01-01 An 'Arm Around the Shoulder': The United States, NATO and German Reunification 87-110
HIS-Mendelsohn-1986 Mendelsohn, Jack 1986-12-01 Arms Control Back in Reagan’s Court 8-10
HIS-Pond-1993 Pond, Elizabeth 1993-01-01 Beyond the Wall: Germany's Road to Unification 173-191
HIS-Samuel-2012 Samuel, Robert 2012-01-01 Conservative Intellectuals and the Reagan-Gorbachev Summits 135-157
HIS-Maier-1997 Maier, Charles S. 1997-01-01 Dissolution: The crisis of Communism and the end of East Germany 244-284
HIS-Fritsch-Bournazel-1992 Fritsch-Bournazel, Renata 1992-01-01 Europe and German Unification 64-71, 78-103
HIS-Bozo-2008 Bozo, Frédéric 2008-01-01 Europe and the End of the Cold War: A reappraisal 93-192
HIS-Cary-2001 Cary, Noel D. 2001-01-01 Farewell Without Tears: Diplomats, Dissidents, and the Demise of East Germany 617-651
HIS-Oberdorfer-1998 Oberdorfer, Don 1998-01-01 From the Cold War to a New Era: The United States and the Soviet Union 1983-1991 183-209
HIS-Garthoff-1994 Garthoff, Raymond L. 1994-01-01 Garthoff: The Great Transition: American-Soviet Relations and End of the Cold War 285-299
HIS-Merkl-1993 Merkl, Peter H. 1993-01-01 German Unification in the European Context 303-327, 353-374
HIS-Spohr-2000 Spohr, Kristina 2000-01-01 German Unification: Between Official History, Academic Scholarship, and Political Memoirs 869-888
HIS-Ninkovich-1995 Ninkovich, Frank A. 1995-01-01 Germany and the United States: The Transformation of the German Question Since 1945 153-179
HIS-Kaiser-1990 Kaiser, Karl 1990-01-01 Germany's Unification 180-205
HIS-Stewart-1986 Stewart, Philip 1986-01-01 Gorbachev and Obstacles Toward Détente 1-22
HIS-Shumaker-1995 Shumaker, David H. 1995-01-01 Gorbachev and the German Question: Soviet-West German relations, 1985-1990 123-149
HIS-Stanton-2010 Stanton, Fredrik 2010-01-01 Great Negotiations: Agreements That Changed the Modern World 201-227
HIS-Garton Ash-1993 Garton Ash, Timothy 1993-01-01 In Europe's Name: Germany and the Divided Continent 346-356
HIS-Tsypkin-1992 Tsypkin, Mikhail 1992-09-01 Military Influence in Russian Politics 40
HIS-Wettig-1993 Wettig, Gerhard 1993-01-01 Moscow's Acceptance of NATO: The Catalytic Role of German Unification 953-972
HIS-Pumpyansky-1987 Pumpyansky, Alexander 1987-01-01 On the Way to the Summit: Did Reykjavik Bring a Summit In Washington and Nuclear Disarmament Any Closer? 22-41
HIS-Dunlop-2005 Dunlop, J. 2005-12-22 One of a Kind: The Gorbachev-to-Yeltsin Transition 89-132
HIS-Davidow-1992 Davidow, Mike 1992-10-01 Perestroika: It’s Rise and Fall 103-114
HIS-English-2002 English, Robert D. 2002-03-01 Power, Ideas and New Evidence on the Cold War’s End: A Reply to Brooks and Wohlforth 70-92
HIS-Forsberg-1999 Forsberg, Tuomas 1999-01-01 Power, Interests and Trust: Explaining Gorbachev's Choices at the End of the Cold War 603-621
HIS-Farnham-2001 Farnham, Barbara 2001-01-01 Reagan and the Gorbachev Revolution: Perceiving the End of Threat 235-236
HIS-Lebow-1994 Lebow, R N 1994-01-01 Reagan and the Russians 2
HIS-Oldberg-2003 Oldberg, Ingmar 2003-02-01 Reluctant Rapprochement 84
HIS-Mandelbaum-1986 Mandelbaum, Michael and Strobe Talbott 1986-01-01 Reykjavik and Beyond 215-235
HIS-Schlesinger-1986 Schlesinger, James 1986-01-01 Reykjavik and Revelations: A Turn of the Tide? 426-446
HIS-Lettow-2005b Lettow, Paul 2005-01-01 Ronald Reagan and his Quest to Abolish Nuclear Weapons 217-229, 246-248
HIS-Lettow-2005a Lettow, Paul 2005-01-01 Ronald Reagan and His Quest to Abolish Nuclear Weapons 179-189
HIS-Nogaj-2008 Nogaj, Mariusz 2008-12-01 Russia - A New Empire Under Construction 189
HIS-Bonnell-1994 Bonnell, V., Cooper, A. and Freidin, G. (eds) 1994-07-01 Russia at the Barricades: Eyewitness Accounts of the 1991 Coup
HIS-Billington-1992 Billington, James 1992-12-20 Russia Transformed: Breakthrough to Hope 25-80
HIS-MacBain-2008 MacBain, Alison 2008-05-15 Russian Leadership: Good Intentions Failed Democracy 32
HIS-Knight-1997 Knight, Amy 1997-12-22 Spies without Cloaks 12-37
HIS-Gizewski-Alie-2010 Gizewski, Peter and Alie, Nicole 2010-08-01 Strategic Shock: The Collapse of the Soviet Union: 1989 38
HIS-Tishkov-1995 Tishkov, V. 1995-01-01 Suicide of the Center and the End of the Union (The Political Anthropology of the Putsch) 85-97
HIS-Reynolds-2007 Reynolds, David 2007-01-01 Summits: Six Meetings That Shaped the Twentieth Century 343-400
HIS-Azrael-Sestanovich-1985 Azrael, Jeremy and Seastanovic, Stephen 1985-01-01 Superpower Balancing Acts 479-498
HIS-Piotrowicz-1991 Piotrowicz, Ryszard W. 1991-01-01 The Arithmetic of German Unification: Three into One Does Go 635-648
HIS-Childs-2001 Childs, David 2001-01-01 The Fall of the GDR: Germany's Road to Unity 94-97, 142-159