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Document Type: Staff Study

Documents comprise official documents (treaties, agreements, negotiating records, intelligence reports), and other source material such as notes of participants. See Document Types for how they are categorized.
Code Date Title
STY-1986-12-01-SU-te 1986-12-01 Gorbachev Conference with Politburo Members and Secretaries of the Central Committee (English)
STY-1986-12-02 1986-12-02 Your Paper, dated 25 November
STY-1986-12-18-US 1986-12-18 Meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff
STY-1986-START-US 1986-12-31 Issues for Decision
STY-1987-02-25-SU 1987-02-25 Toward an Analysis of the Fact of the Visit of Prominent American Political Leaders to the USSR
STY-1987-02-26-SU 1987-02-26 Politburo Session on Soviet-American Relations and Negotiations on Nuclear and Space Armaments
STY-1987-04-16-SU 1987-04-16 Politburo Session: About the Conversation with Shultz
STY-1987-05-01-SU 1987-05-01 Gorbachev's Plan of Conversation with Reagan
STY-1987-07-09-SU 1987-07-09 Politburo Session: About negotiations with Americans on middle-range missiles
STY-1987-08-11-US-a 1987-08-11 Department of State Briefing Papers on Arms Control Talks
STY-1987-08-11-US-b 1987-08-11 Department of State Briefing Papers: Compliance Issues
STY-1987-08-11-US-c 1987-08-11 Department of State Briefing Papers: ABM Treaty Interpretation
STY-1987-08-11-US-d 1987-08-11 Department of State Briefing Papers: Nuclear Risk Reduction Centers
STY-1987-08-11-US-e 1987-08-11 Department of State Briefing Papers: Nuclear Non-Proliferation
STY-1987-09-05 1987-09-05 GRIP 27D: Should the U.S. change its current stance on U.S. warheads on FRG Pershing IA missiles?
STY-1987-09-08 1987-09-08 Meeting with the National Security Planning Group
STY-1987-10-30 1987-10-30 Gorbachev's letter
STY-1987-11-04 1987-11-04 USIA Director Wick to Shultz and Carlucci
STY-1987-11-28 1987-11-28 Gorbachev’s Private Summit Agenda
STY-1987-12-12 1987-12-12 Secretary's 12/11 NAC Briefing on Washington Summit
STY-1987-12-16-SU 1987-12-16 Results of Visit to the U.S.
STY-1987-12-17-SU 1987-12-17 Politburo Session: On the outcomes of the visit to Washington
STY-1988-06-15-SU 1988-06-15 About the Results of the Moscow Summit and Their Impact on U.S. Foreign Policy and Soviet-American Relations
STY-1988-09-16 1988-09-16 Gorbachev Letter on Krasnoyarsk
STY-1988-09-18-SU 1988-09-18 Dobrynin to Gorbachev on U.S.-Soviet Relations
STY-1988-10-31-SU 1988-10-31 What are we going to take to the United Nations?
STY-1988-11-10-SU 1988-11-10 Chernyaev to Gorbachev on the Armed Forces
STY-1988-12-27-SU 1988-12-27 Politburo Session: On the practical implementation of and practical support for the results of the visit of Cde. Gorbachev M.S. to the U.N.
STY-1989-11-03-GDR-te 1989-11-03 GDR Minister of Foreign Affairs Oskar Fischer to General Secretary of the SED Central Committee Egon Krenz, Nov 3, 1989 (English)
STY-1989-11-03-SU 1989-11-03 Notes from the CC CPSU Politburo Session, Nov 3, 1989
STY-1989-11-14 1989-11-14 Preparing for Malta: Trade Policy Toward the USSR
STY-1989-11-17 1989-11-17 Regional Issues at Malta: Gorbachev's Agenda
STY-1989-11-17-Rowny 1989-11-17 Malta Meeting
STY-1989-11-29 1989-11-29 Soviet Thinking on the Eve of Malta
STY-1989-11-29 1989-11-29 Your December Meeting With Gorbachev
STY-1989-11-30 1989-11-30 National Security Council Meeting, November 30, 1989
STY-1989-12-01 1989-12-01 Briefing Book for the President
STY-1989-12-05 1989-12-05 National Security Council Meeting
STY-1989-12-06-FRG 1989-12-06 Mr. Teltschik’s Memorandum for Chancellor Kohl
STY-1989-12-08-UK 1989-12-08 Sir R. Braithwaite (Moscow) to Mr Hurd, 8 Dec 1989
STY-1989-1992-NSC 1989-02-10 NSC Meetings - George H. W. Bush Administration (1989-1993)
STY-1989-1992-NSC_DC 1989-02-28 NSC/DC Meetings - George H. W. Bush Administration (1989-1993)
STY-1990-05-11 1990-05-11 Gorbachev Confronts Crisis of Power
STY-1990-05-14 1990-05-14 Draft U.S.-Soviet Summit Joint Statement
STY-1990-05-28 1990-05-28 Press Fact Sheets for the Summit
STY-1990-05-29 1990-05-29 Status Update on Agreements and Joint Statements for the Summit
STY-1990-06-12 1990-06-12 Soviet Reactions to the Summit
STY-1991-01-06 1991-01-06 President George H. W. Bush Meetings with Foreigners, 1991
STY-1991-01-30 1991-01-30 Intelligence Issues for the 102d Congress
STY-1991-09-27 1991-09-27 Soviet Union: A Chronology of Events Surrounding the Coup Attempt August 1 - September 15, 1991