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Commentary Type: Reportage

Commentaries include memoirs and diary entries by participants, as well as published documents by scholars, historians, journalists, and others who were not direct participants. See Document Types for how they are categorized.
Code Authorsort icon Date Заголовок Pages
REP-1991-09-17-TimesOfIndia AP 1991-09-17 Soviet break-up may hit CIA 1
REP-1991-12-13-TASS BELTA Correspondent 1991-12-13 Belarus Chairman Comments 1
REP-1991-08-25-Observer Bermant, Chaim 1991-08-25 A plot by honest but misguided men 1
REP-1991-12-27-TimesOfIndia Bidwai, Praful 1991-12-27 USSR Disintegrates 1
REP-1991-12-11-NYT Bohlen, Celestine 1991-12-11 Gorbachev Vying for Army Backing Over Yeltsin's Bid 2
REP-1991-08-23-WashPost Brzezenski, Zbigniew 1991-08-23 Toward a Modern, Non-Imperial State 1
REP-1991-08-19-BudapestMTV Budapest MTV 1991-08-19 Prime Minister Interviewed 2
REP-1991-08-19-WashPost Dobbs, Michael 1991-08-19 Close Allies Oust Gorbachev; Hard-Line Group Takes Over 2
REP-1991-12-09-WashPost Dobbs, Michael 1991-12-09 Slavic Republics Declare Soviet Union Liquidated 2
REP-1991-08-29-FBIS FBIS 1991-08-29 JPRS Report: Soviet Union Political Affairs 52
REP-1991-09-23-CSM Feldmann, Linda 1991-09-23 CIA Faces Hard Structural Choices 1
REP-1991-12-03-CSM Feldmann, Linda 1991-12-03 US Diplomatic Recognition Will Set Precedent 2
REP-1991-12-11-TV_Inform Gerasimov, A. 1991-12-11 Disintegration of Nuclear Power Viewed 2
REP-1991-12-10-WashPost Hoffman, David 1991-12-10 Tensions Between Gorbachev and Republic Leaders Concern U.S. 1
REP-1991-12-18-Interfax Interfax 1991-12-18 Zhirinovskiy on 'Neo-Bolshevik Practice' 1
REP-1991-12-11-IrishTimes Irish Times 1991-12-11 Military leaders 'take stock' of situation 1
REP-1991-12-12-IrishTimes Irish Times 1991-12-12 Soviet republics express interest in new union 1
REP-1991-12-12-Rabochaya_Tribuna Kozlova, Natalya 1991-12-12 Democratic Party Opposes End of Union 2
REP-1991-12-11-WashPost Lardner, George Jr. 1991-12-11 CIA DIrector Warns of Civil Disorder This Winter in Soviet Union 1
REP-1991-08-27-IrishTimes Martin, Seamus 1991-08-27 Gorbachev's union hopes crumbling 1
REP-1991-12-12-IrishTimes Martin, Seamus 1991-12-12 Soviet Union has just 14 days left 1
REP-1991-08-26-Guardian Milne, Seumas 1991-08-26 System doomed Gorbachev to failure 1
REP-1991-12-12-Rossiyskaya_Gazeta Minasov, Robert 1991-12-12 Leaders Brief Deputies on Minsk Accord 2
REP-1991-08-26-NYT New York Times 1991-08-26 The Parties, After the Party 1
REP-1992-01-23-WSJ O'Boyle, Thomas 1992-01-23 Soviet Breakup Stymies Foreign Firms 2
REP-1991-12-27-Nezavisimaya_Gazeta Parkhomenko, Sergey 1991-12-27 Grachev Details Final Days of Gorbachev 3
REP-1991-09-04-WashPost Raspberry, William 1991-09-04 Their Failure Doesn't Make Us a Success 1
REP-1991-08-29-NYT Reuters 1991-08-29 Muscovites Are Split On a Single Union or 15 Free Republics 1
REP-1991-12-11-NYT Schmemann, Serge 1991-12-11 But Alas, There's No Union of Minds 1
REP-1991-09-02-NYT Sciolino, Elaine 1991-09-02 Soviet Upheaval Injects Urgency Into U.S. Debate on Intelligence 2
REP-1991-12-10-WashPost Shapiro, Margaret 1991-12-10 Declaration by Slavic Republics is Called 'Illegitimate, Dangerous' 2
REP-1991-11-04-CSM Sneider, Daniel 1991-11-04 Russia Picks Up the Pieces 2
REP-1991-12-09-Pravda Stepanenko, O. and Ulitenok, A. 1991-12-09 What Will We Build on the Ruins? 2
REP-1991-12-09-TASS TASS 1991-12-09 TASS Carries Pravda Review for 9 Dec 2
REP-1991-08-27-Times_of_India Times of India 1991-08-27 Terminal Crisis 1
REP-1991-08-27-Guardian Walker, Martin et al 1991-08-27 Bush fears anarchy and plays a waiting game 1
REP-1991-12-10-NYT Whitney, Craig R. 1991-12-10 Soviet Atom Arms Worry Europeans 1
REP-1991-08-30-IrishTimes Wolf, Martin 1991-08-30 Breaking up is hard to do 1