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Document Types

Documents comprise official documents (treaties, agreements, negotiating records, intelligence reports), and other source material such as notes of participants. Documents are categorized as follows:

ANN Announcements Policy-relevant speeches and public statements by presidents, foreign ministers, other senior executive branch officials, and their spokespersons; also published interviews.
COR Correspondence Presidential Correspondence and that of foreign ministers and other senior officials; also diplomatic notes and other forms of written official communication.
DIR Directives Policy directives to staff, such as National Security Decision Directives (NSDDs), Politburo directives, instructions to ambassadors and other forms of official policy guidance.
LEGLegislativeLegislative debates, resolutions, and public statements by legislators.
MTG Meetings Transcripts or notes of meetings of presidents (summits), of ministers, and of ambassadors and other diplomats with senior officials
NEG Negotiations Records of negotiations by negotiating teams and staffing for them
INT Intelligence Reports Intelligence reports and analyses
STY Staff Studies Memoranda and recommendations by staffs, including Embassy reporting and recommendations.
TELTelephone CallsTelephone calls or teleconferences between leaders
TRT Treaties The text of treaties and agreements


Commentaries include memoirs and diary entries by participants as well as published comments and descriptions by scholars, historians, journalists, and others who were not direct participants. Commentaries are categorized as follows:

DRY Diaries Diary entries of participants
HIS Historical Studies Academic studies by historians and others
MEM Memoirs Memoirs of participants
REP Reportage News coverage of events