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Document Type: Directive

Documents comprise official documents (treaties, agreements, negotiating records, intelligence reports), and other source material such as notes of participants. See Document Types for how they are categorized.
Code Date Заголовок
DIR-1983-08-04-WC 1983-08-04 Briefing on the Soviet Union
DIR-1983-08-05 1983-08-05 Talking Points on Soviet Worldview and Its Implications for U.S.-Soviet Relations for Clark Briefing
DIR-1983-12-16 1983-12-16 Draft Presidential Speech on U.S.-Soviet Relations
DIR-1984-03-08-US 1984-03-08 Reagan to Scowcroft re: Talking Points on START and INF
DIR-1985-10-10 1985-10-10 Meeting with Soviet Leader in Geneva: Themes and Perceptions
DIR-1985-11-25 1985-11-25 Implementing Decisions of the Geneva Summit
DIR-1986-02-04 1986-02-04 Press Guidance for Upcoming Soviet UN Mission Reduction
DIR-1986-02-04 1986-02-04 NSDD 209: Implementing Decisions of the Geneva Summit
DIR-1986-11-01-US 1986-11-01 Guidance for Post-Reykjavik Follow-up Activities
DIR-1986-11-03-US 1986-11-03 NSDD 250: Post-Reykjavik Follow-Up
DIR-1987-05-07 1987-05-07 NSDD 271: Instructions for the Eighth NST Negotiating Round
DIR-1987-06-13 1987-06-13 NSDD 278: Establishing a U.S. Negotiating Position on SRINF Missiles
DIR-1987-11-10 1987-11-10 NSDD 288: My Objectives at the Summit
DIR-1987-12-07 1987-12-07 NSDD 290: On Arms Control Positions for US-USSR Summit
DIR-1987-12-29 1987-12-29 NSDD 292: Organizing for the INF Ratification Effort
DIR-1989-12-03 1989-12-03 Directives for the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the USSR and the United States
DIR-1990-05-14 1990-05-14 NSDD 40 - Decisions on START Issues
DIR-1990-05-16-SU 1990-05-16 On the directives for negotiations with the U.S. Secretary of State James Baker in Moscow on May 16-19th, 1990
DIR-1990-06-04 1990-06-04 Washington Summit Briefing Points
DIR-1990-06-15 1990-06-15 Briefing Allies on Washington Summit
DIR-1991-11-15 1991-11-15 National Security Review 29