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Document Type: Staff Study

Documents comprise official documents (treaties, agreements, negotiating records, intelligence reports), and other source material such as notes of participants. See Document Types for how they are categorized.
Code Date Заголовок
STY-1984-04-06-US 1984-04-06 Response to Chernenko's March 19 Letter
STY-1984-06-14 1984-06-14 Chernenko's June 6 Letter and Dobrynin's Talking Points: Analysis
STY-1984-07-02-US 1984-07-02 Talking Points for the Secretary's Use with Dobrynin
STY-1984-07-07-US 1984-07-07 Chernenko's Response to Your July 2 Letter on the Vienna Talks
STY-1984-11-09-US 1984-11-09 The President's Letter to Chernenko
STY-1985-03-25-US 1985-03-25 Letter from Gorbachev
STY-1985-10-21 1985-10-21 Your Mini-Bilateral with Shevardnadze
STY-1985-10-29 1985-10-29 Soviet Themes and US Counters on Geneva Talk
STY-1985-11-00 1985-11-01 Ronald Reagan's Assessment of Gorbachev
STY-1985-11-12 1985-11-12 What to Expect from Gorbachev in Geneva
STY-1985-11-13-a 1985-11-13 Soviet Response to Your Exchanges Initiatives
STY-1985-11-13-b 1985-11-13 Art Hartman's Comments on Geneva
STY-1985-11-15 1985-11-15 11/14 Hartman-Shevardnadze Meeting
STY-1985-11-16 1985-11-16 Baldrige Request for Appointment with President
STY-1985-11-25 1985-11-25 Letters to Gorbachev
STY-1986-01-14 1986-01-14 Gorbachev Response to Your Human Rights Letter
STY-1986-01-16 1986-01-16 Further Soviet Response to Your Human Rights Letter
STY-1986-02-14-Nitze 1986-02-14 Nitze to Reagan re: Consultations with Allies on US-Soviet Arms Control
STY-1986-02-14-Rowny 1986-02-14 Rowny to Reagan re: Asian Briefings on US-Soviet Arms Control
STY-1986-02-15 1986-02-15 Reply to Gorbachev's Handwritten Letter
STY-1986-02-19 1986-02-19 INF Options in Responding to Gorbachev
STY-1986-06-16 1986-06-16 Draft Presidential Response to Gorbachev's Statement on Nuclear Safety After Chernobyl
STY-1986-06-28 1986-06-28 Scheduling Meetings with Soviets
STY-1986-07-14 1986-07-14 Hartman Conversation with Dobrynin
STY-1986-09-22-SU-te 1986-09-22 Politburo discussion of Reagan’s response (English)
STY-1986-09-29 1986-09-29 The Chautauqua Conference
STY-1986-09-29-SU-te 1986-09-29 Gorbachev discussion with assistants on preparations for Reykjavik (English)
STY-1986-10-02-US 1986-10-02 Shultz-Reagan “Subject: Reykjavik”
STY-1986-10-03 1986-10-03 Meeting Gorbachev: Soviet Psychology Regarding Size and Style of Meetings
STY-1986-10-04-SU-te 1986-10-04 Gorbachev’s instructions for the group preparing for Reykjavik (English)
STY-1986-10-04-US 1986-10-04 Gorbachev’s Goals and Tactics at Reykjavik
STY-1986-10-07-US 1986-10-07 The President’s Trip to Reykjavik, Iceland, October 9-12, 1986 – Issues Checklist for the Secretary
STY-1986-10-08-SU-te 1986-10-08 Politburo session on preparations for Reykjavik (English)
STY-1986-10-12-SU-te 1986-10-12 Gorbachev’s reflections on Reykjavik on the flight to Moscow (English)
STY-1986-10-12-US 1986-10-12 Lessons of Reykjavik
STY-1986-10-13-2 1986-10-13 Your Speech Tonight
STY-1986-10-14-SU-te 1986-10-14 Politburo session on results of the Reykjavik Summit (English)
STY-1986-10-14-US 1986-10-14 Iceland Chronology
STY-1986-10-16-Rights 1986-10-16 Paper on Human Rights Presented to Gorbachev in Reykjavik
STY-1986-10-16-UN 1986-10-16 Possible Soviet Retaliation for the Expulsion of Members of the Soviet Mission to the United Nations
STY-1986-10-22 1986-10-22 U.S.-Soviet Relations: Where Do We Go From Here?
STY-1986-10-22-SU-te 1986-10-22 Politburo session on measures in connection with the expulsion of Soviet diplomats from the USA (English)
STY-1986-10-28 1986-10-28 Shultz-Shevardnadze Vienna Meeting
STY-1986-10-28-b 1986-10-28 Your Meetings with Foreign Minister Shevarnadze
STY-1986-10-29 1986-10-29 Upcoming Meetings with the Soviets
STY-1986-10-30-SU-te 1986-10-30 Politburo session. Reykjavik assessment and instructions for Soviet delegation for negotiations in Geneva (English)
STY-1986-11-13-SU-te 1986-11-13 Politburo session about discussions between Shevardnadze and Shultz in Vienna (English)
STY-1986-11-14 1986-11-14 Strategy for the Soviets
STY-1986-11-17-SU-te 1986-11-17 Gorbachev Conversation with Chernyaev about Reykjavik (English)
STY-1986-11-25 1986-11-25 Notional Plan for Elimination of Nuclear Weapons